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A Billion to One

A Billion to One

Description : A Billion to One
“If I told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, that I will get revenge. I don’t care about turning over new leaves, or making mistakes. He was part of it. He was one of us, we are the reason why he has thatpany. And you know what, B.F.? I don’t care about what attention it draws. This is what has kept me alive.”

“Calm down. You always get fucking obsessed when you get something in your head. You’re finally back in the United States and now you want to risk losing everything over this? I don’t get it. Let it lie. Let the past stay in the past.”

“No! I will make him suffer. I’ll take everything from him. Hispany, his money, Chiara, and maybe, after he’s miserable and scared shitless, I’ll take his life. He doesn’t deserve happiness. He deserves pain, like the pain I felt and went through. He deserves death.”

Chapter 1

“You need sex. And I don’t mean that nice, sweet, boy-next-door, my-best-friend, casual sex. I’m talking hot, wild, passionate sex. Sweat, body aches afterward, and all the good things that followplete, satisfying orgasms. That is totally what you need,” Heather Mercury stated.

Chiara Costiano stared at her best friend as if she were out of her mind. They were shopping for dresses for Saturday night’s dinner party at Chiara’s...