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A D'Angelo Like No Other

A D'Angelo Like No Other

Description : A D'Angelo Like No Other

When troublees in twos…

Michael D’Angelo may be the driving force behind the successful Archangel galleries, but it doesn’t mean he’s perfect…he lost his halo years ago! Yet when a delectable woman shows up in Paris, claiming he’s the father to twins, it’s one mistake Michael is certain he’s not responsible for.

Fiery Eva Foster won’t walk away until the twins in her charge are reunited with their father. Now the one person she’d hoped would help is the only person standing in her way. A line has been drawn in the sand, but when the spark between them catches, all bets are off!

“I’ve never met your sister,” Michael stated firmly.

“So whatever scam the two of you are trying to pull here, I would advise that you forget it—” He broke off abruptly as one of Eva Foster’s hands made loud and painful contact with one of his cheeks, causing the baby in his arms to let out another deafening wail. “That was uncalled for,” he bit out between gritted teeth, his jaw clenched as he jiggled the baby up and down in his arms in an effort to silence her screams.

“It was very called for,” Eva Foster insisted heatedly, her face having be even paler as she moved forward to soothingly stroke the back of the baby in Michael’s arms. “How dare you stand there and deny even knowing my sister, accuse the two of us of trying to pull a scam on you, at the same time as you’re holding your own daughter in your arms!” Her eyes flashed deeply violet in contrast...