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A Fling with the Greek Billionaire

A Fling with the Greek Billionaire

Description : A Fling with the Greek Billionaire
Six years ago

She left him packed lunches.

The first day, he almost trampled all over it, a square plastic container with a BLT inside. He gazed at it for several moments before nudging it to the side and calling his butler’s attention to it when he reached the front door. “One of the staff might have misplaced her lunch. See to it, will you?”

He didn’t wait for an answer. With his mind already on that day’s agenda, he failed to notice the way the butler opened and closed his mouth, intending to say something else.

The second day, his driver was the one to hand him his packed lunch, which he absently accepted while talking to his solicitor in Greece. He placed it next to him in the car and promptly forgot about it.

The third day, it was his secretary who gave him his packed lunch. He took it gratefully, having been at the office for over 24 hours, monitoring a logistical nightmare involving one of hispany’s hotels in Asia.

Only after he had demolished the Greek salad and ravioli that came with it did he think to ask his secretary where she had bought his lunch.

His secretary gave him an odd look. “From your cook.”

And that was the start.

Her name was Iolanthe. A nineteen-year-old self-taught cook that his housekeeper had hired to manage his kitchen, she was a dreamy little thing whose smiles brightened her face like the sun every time he came by to pick up his lunch.

The first few times, they didn’t speak to each other, Iolanthe only giving him his neatlypartmentalized lunch, stars in her eyes and heart on her sleeve. After a week, he had been the first to break the ice, dropping by the kitchen for dinner and asking her if he could eat there...