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A Little Too Far

A Little Too Far

Description : A Little Too Far
MY EX IS a douche. A point made all the more clear when I bump into Stacey McCarran at the Forever 21 in the mall.

“Lexie,” she drawls, flipping her long, bleached-blond hair over her shoulder and putting on a sympathetic pout. “I was so sorry to hear about you and Rick.”

It’s a lie, and she knows I know it. She was after Rick the whole time we were in high school, and from the knowing smirk underneath that fake pout, I’m guessing they’ve already done the deed. I wonder if she even waited an hour after we broke up to call him.

Sam steps away from the rack she’s perusing, holding a sheer, black tank top with beading around the low V-neck. “Stacey,” she sneers, stepping up next to me. Katie is next to her, glaring thorns at Stacey. I can always count on my friends to circle the wagons.

I shrug. “Things happen.” Like your boyfriend of three and a half years turning into a cheating bastard when you aren’t paying attention. Yeah. Things happen.

“Well,” she drawls, flicking through a rack of cotton shorts, “everyone was shocked. We all thought you two would end up married.”

So did I.

Rick and I had talked about marriage. When I came home for summer break after freshman year, he was the one who brought it up. He was the one who started talking about where we should live after we graduated from college. We’d been voted the couple most likely to make it in our senior yearbook. I’d scribbled my name on countless scraps of paper, trying to decide whether to hyphenate or just change my last name from Banks to Hamilton. So when Sam texted me she’d heard that Rick was seeing someone at school, I chalked it up to the rumor mill.

It wasn’t the rumor mill. Or it was, I guess. It...

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