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A Royal Heartbreak

A Royal Heartbreak

Description : A Royal Heartbreak
One month after the ending of The Werewolf Prince and I

“Mama.” Little Dylan beamed at Misty before gurgling out the same word.

The others laughed as Misty’s eyes widened in shock at what her baby brother said. “Did you guys teach him that?”

Kelly opened her mouth to answer but closed it quickly at the warning look sent by her twin. Kevin was probably right. It just wasn’t the time yet to talk about Domenico. Misty might not appreciate learning that Dylan spent every night in their brother-in-law’s bedroom, with a freaking prince as his nanny.

And a few nights ago, Kelly herself had overheard Domenico teaching Dylan to say that very word. She had also forgotten how extraordinarily strong a Lyccan’s ability to pick out scents was, which allowed Domenico to catch her red-faced at the doorway.

Instead of giving her his infamous tight-lipped look – like the one he had when he discovered Kelly sneaking out of the Morettipound to date the quarterback in her school – Domenico had simply given her a heartbreakingly wry smile and said, “It might help keep the other men away from Misty while I’m…not around.”

The memory made Kelly bite her lip very hard.

As she adjusted the yawning Dylan on her lap, Misty caught the look of worry in her sister’s face. “Hey. Is everything all right?”

Kelly bit her lip harder. To prevent herself from crying, she busied herself playing with her hair and fiddling with the sunglasses perched on her nose. The words “shiny, shimmery, splendid” from the Little Mermaid...