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A Sicilian Seduction

A Sicilian Seduction

Description : A Sicilian Seduction
GIANCARLO CARDINALE arrived in the doorway of Knight’s executive dining room to the surprise discovery that some kind of function was taking place. The remains of a gourmet-style lunch still lay in evidence amongst a scatter of empty wine bottles, and the twenty or so people who were gathered there were now standing around in small groups talking while they sipped at champagne.

‘What’s going on?’ he asked the man beside him.

‘Lunch between presentations to one of our best clients,’ Howard Fiske explained. ‘And Edward really should have made the effort to be here for it.’

His anger was clear. If it wasn’t bad enough that the corporate chairman himself should have turned up here unexpectedly, to have done so on a day when Edward should have been presiding over such an important meeting, annoyed Howard intensely.

Giancarlo said nothing, but he sympathised. He knew all about Edward’s irresponsible streak, after all. In fact Edward’s flagrant lack of responsibility on all fronts was the sole reason for his being in London. He hade to deal with it once and for all, and the sooner he got it over with the better it was going to be for everyone. Which left him with only one question he needed answering before he got down to the nasty business of dealing with the problem.

Which one was she?

As he stood there, still unnoticed by the rest of the gathering, his gaze began moving over the newly refurbished ultra-modern room with its beech-wood surfaces and flashes of so-called inspirational...