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About a Dragon

About a Dragon

Description : About a Dragon
“Come with me,” he ordered.

Big brown eyes slowly looked up at him in surprise. Then she muttered, almost to herself, “Good gods, the trees have started moving on their own.”


“Nothing. Just referring to your rather…unholy size.”

He glanced down at his human body. He actually found it small, almost puny…like most humans. And he found her downright tiny.

Shaking his head, he decided to figure all that out later.

“Come with me.” He smiled. “I desire to have you.”

How could he not? She was beautiful. Clearly from Alsandair, her soft brown skin told him of many ancestors living under the hot desert suns. Her hair, though, was darker than the few desert people he’d seen over his long lifetime. Almost black and a riot of soft, silky curls, reaching down her back and swaying against what he considered an amazing ass.

“That’s…uh…charming. But I’m almost positive my husband would have a problem with that.” She tried to walk around him, but he stepped in front of her.


“Aye. Husband.”

“The slow-witted one that’s been following you? I thought he was your servant.”

She snorted, then quickly looked down at the ground. Covering her mouth with one small hand, she remained silent for several seconds. Finally, she focused on him again, but he could see the laughter in her eyes. “Yes. That’s the one. But he is my husband. Not my servant. Although some days…” He expected...

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