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All He Needs

All He Needs

Description : All He Needs
Paris, February

Dominic Knight glanced out the car window and half smiled. Even on a gray winter day, even with the clusterfuck going on in his head, Paris made him feel as though life might be worth living. Of all the cities in the world, only this one offered pleasure with an urbane practicality: suave, cultured, rowdy, risqué, money-making, or money-spending. Whatever got you up in the morning or kept you up at night.

There weren’t a lot of rules of the road here.

Unfortunately, even the thought of pleasure suddenly dredged up a flood of treacherous memories, needle sharp, frozen in time, beautiful, and a fresh, raw sense of deprivation twisted his gut. Uttering an almost imperceptible sigh, Dominic slid down lower in the seat, grim-faced and moody once again. Christ, how the hell long would this misery last?

An amateur when it came to personalizing emotion, he didn’t have a clue. Which pretty much characterized his entire relationship with Katherine Hart.

She’d signed on for a two-week IT consulting contract at Knight Enterprises and, in that brief period of time, she hadpletely fucked up his life. Prior to Katherine, his relationships with women had fallen into a well-established pattern: you meet a woman, you want her, you screw her, you politely say good-bye.

All perfectly normal.

Then you meet someone like Katherine and screw her continuously for a week. That’s seven whole days.

Definitely not normal. You leave her. Back to normal. But you can’t get her out of your mind. Can’t eat. Can’t sleep. Booze is suddenly your best friend. That’s where it gets crazy. That’s where the normpletely goes to hell.

Where the fucking misery quotient powers up big-time. You’re thinking too much, he muttered under his breath. Stop thinking...