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Alpha Doms Box Set

Alpha Doms Box Set

Description : Alpha Doms Box Set

Nudity wasn’t an issue with most werewolves. We’d all seen each other at some point prior to shifting. The cover of darkness, the shadow of the trees did little to protect us from prying eyes as we stripped and transformed. I’de to accept this as a part of life…until our new alpha arrived on the scene.

He’d ordered the pack to do a sweep of our land, customary each morning and evening. While others disrobed and took off, I hung back, waiting for the dark, alluring figure to follow the others. Instead, he glared at me. His chocolate brown eyes narrowed to slits; his rose-colored lips were pursed tightly. He stood across the clearing, his buff arms folded across his chest; his chest rose and fell in rhythm above rock hard abs.

I stood, shaking lightly, with my arms wrapped around my midsection, trying to conceal my ample curves. I was the only werewolf I’d met with excess stuffing in her human body, yet none in her wolf form. My mother, before her death, was disheartened by the realization that I’d never fit in with the rest of the pack because of my fuller figure. Having grown up around the same wolves my entire life, I’d adjusted to them. They’d never made fun of me, yet, under the scrutiny of our new alpha, I feared he’d find something to say about me.

“I issued you an order,” he barked. His muscular legs were anchored shoulder-width apart; a pair of jeans covered his lower region.

It was his first day. He’d swept in, destroyed our prior alpha in one grueling fight to the death. No...