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An Introduction to Pleasure

An Introduction to Pleasure

Description : An Introduction to Pleasure

The hack was overly hot and smelled of whatever its last occupants had been eating during their travels. The seats were covered with threadbare fabric and the cushioning had long ago worn away to leave hard patches. However, all these things were not why Lysandra Keates shifted in difort.

Rather than her mode of transportation, it was her destination that gave her pause and made her quake. And now they were here, in front of a rather marvelous London estate that was obviously well tended but these facts gave Lysandra nofort. In fact, she was utterly numb as she stared through the dirty carriage window to the house.

“I do not wish to do this,” she whispered to herself, clutching her reticule against her chest. It was very light, thanks to its nearly empty state.

And that was why she was here, despite her strong misgivings.

Suddenly the door to the hack flew open and sunlight streamed into the confined space, making Lysandra lift her hand to her eyes until they adjusted and the man who had opened the door became more than shadow. The driver was fat, sweaty and scowling.

“’Ey, are you going in or what, chit?” he snapped. “I don’t have all day to wait for you to make up your damn mind.”

Lysandra flinched both at his harsh tone and the strong scent of uncooked onioning from his rancid, rotting breath. She had never been spoken to in such a coarse fashion…at least not until this most recent year of her life. Now it felt all the moremonplace.

Still, this was her last chance to...

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