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Angel's Halo

Angel's Halo

Description : Angel's Halo

I know it’s going to be a shit day as soon as I hear the thunder rumble outside my window. Groaning, I pull myforter over my head and close my eyes, willing the world to go away for at least another few hours.

It doesn’t. Of course it doesn’t. It never fucking does.

My phone buzzes on my pillow and I grope for it with my hand. When I feel the bejeweled skull case of my iPhone, I jerk my hand back and see that I have a text from one of my brothers.

SOS! New girl quit. Get your ass down here… Please.

I glare at the screen. I knew the second my horndog brother said he was hiring his latest fuck buddy, and in turn offering me my first Friday night off since I had started working at our family-owned bar, that this would happen. Raider’s interest in any one girl never lasts past the first week, and as soon as he moves on—which had been the night before—our new girl is out the door.

I mutter a few curses that would have made every one of my brothers swat my ass because ladies don’t swear, and shoot a quick response back to Colt, who’s manning the bar tonight. If he hadn’t said please I would have told him to go fuck himself, but Colt’s the youngest of my four older brothers and doesn’t take me for granted … much.

As soon as the text is sent I toss back my covers, push my long blonde hair back from my face, and head for the bathroom down the hall. My room had been a last minute addition to our house, because I had been a last minute addition to the family, so I don’t have my own private bathroom like my fucktard brothers do. My parents hadn’t been expecting me having decided that four monstrous boys were enough to keep the Hannigan legacy going strong. When I ended up being a girl, not a boy like everyone had...