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Anywhere with You

Anywhere with You

Description : Anywhere with You
“Gran, this is a bad idea.”

“Allie girl, how many times do I have to tell you I’ll be fine? You’re only going to be forty minutes away. You need to go, spread your wings, and live your life. I want that for you more than anything.”

“But, Gran! We need to stick together, we’re a team the two of us. I hate the thought of someone else taking care of you. That’s my job,” I whine. I know that I am being childish, but the thought of leaving Gran alone was breaking my heart. Yes, she will have a nurse daily for eight hours a day, but she will be alone at night. This scares me. Gran suffers from heart disease and diabetes, which makes it hard for her to get around and domon everyday things such as cook and clean. This has been my job until the day she told me I had to live at the dorms at UNC, and would not take no for an answer.

“My sweet, sweet girl. I love you for that, but you need this and Ace is there, he misses you. I need you to make a way in this world for yourself. Staying in the dorms is the right decision. You have a lifetime of new experiences waiting for you. The Emerson’s are just next door and the nurse will be here seven days a week.”

“But …”

“That’s enough. Allison, listen to me. You are going to stay in the dorms and live it up like all kids your age. I have watched you give up too many experiences for me and I will not stand for it. I love you with all my heart, but you need to do this, for both of us.”

“Fine, but I aming home every weekend to see you,” I grumble.

“Oh no you don’t, missy. You wille home no more than one weekend a month, and even that is not necessary. Put yourself first for once, Allison. Take chances, make mistakes, fall in love,” Gran replies...

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