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Avoiding Temptation

Avoiding Temptation

Description : Avoiding Temptation
The phone buzzed noisily on the nightstand.

Lexi groaned. She wasn’t ready to get up and go to work yet. Throwing her arm out to the nightstand, she tried to switch off the alarm, but it continued to ring. Peeling her eyes open, she grabbed the phone off the nightstand.

“Who is it?” Ramsey murmured, pulling her back against him.

The screen flashed in her hand—Jack Howard. It was too early for that. She had to be at work soon, and she had far better things on her mind.


“Too early,” Ramsey whispered, kissing her shoulder.

“You read my mind.”

Lexi clicked the Ignore button and let it go to voice mail. “I’ll call him back.”

“Mmm…” His lips traveled up to her neck. “Time for you to get up anyway.”

“No,” Lexi said, pulling the white covers up over her eyes.

“Come on, you’re going to be late for work,” Ramsey said, prying the covers from her hands.

She squirmed against him under the sheets, tangling their legs together.

“Can’t make me,” she quipped, turning over and burying her face into his toned chest.

“Oh…I can make you late,” he murmured into her mass of curly brown hair.

His nose found her ear, and he lightly brushed against it, causing her to squirm for all new reasons.

“Good,” Ramsey said. His hand trailed lightly down her spine before restingfortably at the small of her bare back.

She hummed into his chest as he kneaded the tight muscles. Lexi’s...

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