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Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Description : Bang Bang

“AX?” I KNOCKED on his bedroom window and waited.


Fear gave into panic as I knocked harder the second time. The sound of glass breaking in the house behind me made my palms sweat. I could still hear my parents fighting. It was always the same with them; my father wanted to be more than just an associate. A made man, that was his dream. To be a made man for the De Lange family. One of the worst families in the American mafia. They didn’t play by the rules anymore and my dad wanted to be a part of their game — rules or no rules.

I knocked harder. “Ax, please, it’s Amy.”

The screaming got louder. I fought the urge to cover my ears as I glanced back at the house. Slinking further into the shadows I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered. I hated Chicago. As soon as I was eighteen I was going to move. I wanted to be warm; just once in my life, I wanted to be warm.

The chill of fear and death surrounded me, had choked me from birth until now. I was seventeen. I only had one more year, one more year and I was running away. Ax said he’d help me, though I wasn’t sure what he could do since he was nothing but a mechanic.

Teeth chattering, I knocked one last time and prayed he was home. I’d already tried his cell, but my call had gone straight to voicemail.

Finally, I saw a shadow move in the window.

And then I saw his face.

It was always like the first time with Ax. He had sharp defined cheekbones, a strong jaw, full lips meant for kissing — though it’s not like I would know; I was his friend, nothing more. He was beautiful. Like the prince from a storybook. I’d always thought of him as my own personal prince and he’d always laughed it off saying princes in the stories never worked on cars...