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Barefoot Kisses

Barefoot Kisses

Description : Barefoot Kisses
Coffee dripped down the walls of the kitchen and spattered across the linoleum floor.

I stared at my brand new coffee pot in horror as it continued to spew boiling hot brown goo everywhere. This was not a good way to start the morning.

I scampered across the small kitchen, hiding behind a dishcloth and praying the coffee rain wouldn't land on me to pull the plug. The machine gurgled and died.

This was not a promising start to my morning.

I quickly cleaned up the walls and floor, hoping my roommate wouldn't attempt to use the cursed machine when she woke up. I made sure to leave Mindy a note, but she had a tendency to forget I existed. Sometimes, I was sure she thought a magic house fairy just came through to clean and add new supplies. Part of me almost hoped she would try the new machine without reading my warning. Either way, I would have to talk to her later about how she threw out the coffee pot box with the receipt in it without checking with me first.

I sighed and headed to the shower. Since I didn't have the box to return the damn thing, I would have to find a way to make it work. Today was a day to make things work. I would figure something out. I always did. Nothing, not even a lack of coffee was going to stop me.

Today was my job review and I was going to rock it. As a paralegal for one of the biggest law firms in Chicago, I spent more time in the office than I did at home. I loved my job and I was damn good at it. I was respected by the lawyers I worked with and I had more lawyers requesting my work than any other paralegal in the firm. My job review was guaranteed to be good.

My sister and I already had reservations at a fancy restaurant to celebrate my raise that evening. I could hardly wait. Just a shower and an easy work day stood between me and my raise. I would be able to afford a...