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Beautiful Sacrifice

Beautiful Sacrifice

Description : Beautiful Sacrifice
Too many people in a small room sounded a lot like the roar of a fire—the high and low inflections, the constant and familiar hum that only became louder the closer you got. In the five years that I’d waited tables for Chuck and Phaedra Niles at The Bucksaw Café, being around that many impatient, hungry people day after day made me want to torch the place at times. But the lunch crowd wasn’t what kept meing back. It was theforting drone of conversation, the heat of the kitchen, and the sweet freedom from the bridges I’d burned.

“Falyn! For fuck’s sake!” Chuck said, trying not to sweat in the soup.

He reached out his hand and stirred the broth in a deep pot. I tossed him a clean rag.

“How is it this hot in Colorado?” heplained. “I moved here because I’m fat. Fat people don’t like to be hot.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t be working over a stove for a living,” I said with a smirk.

The tray felt heavy when I lifted it in my arms but not as heavy as it used to feel. Now, I could carry it with six full plates, if necessary. I backed into the swinging double doors, bumping my butt against them.

“You’re fired,” he barked. He wiped his bald head with the white cotton cloth and then tossed it to the center of the prep table.

“I quit!” I said.

“That’s not funny!” He leaned away from the heat radiating from his station.

Turning toward the main dining area, I paused in the doorway, seeing all twenty-two tables and twelve barstools filled with professionals, families,...

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