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Bedding The Billionaire

Bedding The Billionaire

Description : Bedding The Billionaire
Tuesday the fifth was rapidly turning into the worst day of Abbey's life. She'd quit her job, discovered her boyfriend (who was also her boss) had slept with her friend, and she was about to have sex with aplete stranger.

In front of a hidden camera.

Surely it wouldn'te to that. Lucy had assured her she probably wouldn't have to go that far. But 'probably' was still too likely as far as Abbey was concerned.

Standing outside a stranger's hotel room wearing her shortest skirt, her highest heels, and laciest lingerie, Abbey suddenly wished she'd tried harder to find a job. She could wait tables, deliver pizza or clean houses—anything that paid her bills.

This job was paying her bills, she reminded herself. It may not be in her chosen career path, but it was easier than waiting tables and as Lucy had said, no experience was necessary. Besides, it was too late to think about getting another job now. She needed the money, and this was the best offer she'd had so far.

Okay, so it was the only job offer, and she'd only been unemployed for about ten hours, but money was so tight her credit card could hardly breathe. If only that bastard of a boyfriend and boss hadn't cheated on her, she wouldn't have been forced to quit and she wouldn't be standing outside a stranger's door in such a revealing outfit. This was definitely all his fault.

When Lucy, a private investigator and her best friend, offered her the job when her regular girl called in sick, Abbey jumped at the chance. It paid half of what Lucy would receive from her client and it might lead to another job, if she did it right. If she wanted another one.

At least Lucy had assured her she wouldn't have to getpletely naked. Not if she didn't want to. All Abbey had to do was get the man into apromising position long enough for Lucy to get some good...