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Belonging to the Steer Brothers

Belonging to the Steer Brothers

Description : Belonging to the Steer Brothers
The beginning

Paul Steer answered all the questions as Davidforted their charge. Sixteen-year-old Anna Myers had no one in the world. Her parents had just wrapped their car around a tree, and there was no way they wereing back. A few hours ago, Paul had been called out of his sleep toe and collect the girl. Mr. and Mrs. Myers had seen fit to put him as her guardian with his brother.

Closing his eyes, he signed paperwork and gathered her stuff.

“People will be in touch to talk about her finances,” the officer said.

“We don’t need money. Anna will be looked after,” he said and went out to the main corridor where she sat. David glanced up as he closed the door.

“How’s she doing?” Paul asked.

“I’ve just found out my parents aren’ting back. How do you think I’m feeling?” Anna asked. Her attitude was back. Her eyes were red and tear-stained.

“Why weren’t you in the car with them?” he asked.

“I stayed at home. I’m sixteen and can look after myself. They were going out, and I told them they should go. It’s all my fault.” The tears came in full force as she began to blame herself. Paul saw it and went down on his knee in front of her chair. He grabbed her chin in a forceful hold and made her look at him.

“You listen to me, Anna. You’re not responsible for what happened to your parents, so don’t let me hear any more of that craping out of your mouth. Do you understand?” he asked.

She nodded, and Paul gave his brother the signal to get her and follow...