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Description : Besotted

Blake Law Barrington

April, 2014

The knock on the Lanesborough Suite’s door is firm and unhesitant. I glance at my watch. Very punctual. I like that. I open the door and… My, my, she is a beauty: waist-length, straight blonde hair, gorgeous big eyes. And scarlet lips. Lana almost never colors her lips so red. A pity. She is wearing a long, white coat belted at the waist and really, really high heels. They remind me of the shoes Lana wore the first night I met her.

She is chewing gum, though. I hate that. She must watch too many movies about big-hearted hookers. I put my hand out, palm outstretched. For a moment she looks at me, clueless. I raise my eyebrows and she hurriedly takes the gum out of her mouth and drops it into my hand. Then she raises her own eyebrows and cheekily stretches her hand out.

‘Don’t you want toe in first?’ I ask, amused but not showing it.

‘Of course,’ she says and walks past me. Her accent is odd. She must be making it up as she goes along.

I close the door and watch her walk ahead of me. She has a good walk. I like a woman who can walk with grace. She stops in front of the low table where there is a platter of fresh fruit and a bottle of champagne cooling in an ice bucket, and turns around to face me. For a moment I am distracted by the picture she makes standing in the agreeably English decor of traditional prints and chintzes teamed with bold choices of acid greens and Schiaparelli pinks. I put the gum on the sideboard.

‘I’m sorry, what’s your name?’


I smile. The name suits her. She looks like a rumor. Couldn’t possibly be true.

‘Would you like a glass of champagne?’

She lifts one foot and lets it swing back. It is impossibly erotic. ‘I’d like...