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Beyond Repair

Beyond Repair

Description : Beyond Repair
She knew immediately who the body on her living room floor belonged to. She’d seen him on the news a few weeks ago, falling out of a limousine with several girls wrapped around his shoulders. At the time she’d thought, It’s like he’s wearing a necklace made out of ladies, before changing the channel.

But now that he was sprawled all over her best rug he wasn’t so easy to dismiss. He had a lot more flesh and bone suddenly, and a much thicker, darker presence. His leather jacket looked like an oil slick painted across his broad back. The stubble on that near-pretty face was too coarse, as though someone had painted it with iron filings.

And she could see the tattoo on the back of his neck.

The one she hadn’t thought she knew so well.

The one that made her think of a big, dark maze.

It was definitely Holden Stark. You simply couldn’t mistake him for anyone else—not even if you really wanted to. She would have loved to find someone much smaller and less important on her rug, just to ease her into human interaction. Maybe that little costar of his in the one about the sharks. That would have been cool. She could have gotten close to him without having a panic attack.

She couldn’t get close to this guy. He was just too big and too unexpected. She was used to everything running the same way on each particular day, and this was not the same way. This was a massive movie star invading her home just as she finished her nighttime routine—a fact that did not get any easier once she started...