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Billionaire Bait

Billionaire Bait

Description : Billionaire Bait
The offices of Rowan Integrated Technologies were climate controlled, but I was burning up with anger. I'd spent the better part of an hour cooling my heels in an ufortable chair outside of his office. I got up, stretched my stiff back, and marched over to Vivienne.

"He isn't even in the building, is he?" I tried to keep my voice measured, but it went up an octave or two.

My dad's secretary gave me a withering smile. "Now, Savannah, dear, you know your father's a very busy man."

"Which is why I made an appointment," I said, using the tip of my nail to tap theputer screen where his appointment log was pulled up.

"There was an urgent—" Vivienne started.

"Vivienne, I know it's not your fault, but if you make any bullshit excuses for him I am going to scream." I was trying really hard not to yell, but I had precious few days left at my dream internship in the photo department of the San Francisco Examiner. Taking the afternoon off only to be blown off was rage-inducing. "While my schedule may not be nearly as important as his, I took time from my internship to meet with him—a meeting that he requested. He's now an hour late, which means he’s effectively stood me up."

"He didn't stand you—" I cut her off with a look. "Well, he says he's on his way."

"I'm done," I snapped, turning so I didn't have to see the panic on her face.

My camera bag was resting on the floor by the chair of torture. I snatched it up, secured the strap to my shoulder and stalked away, my high heels making clipped sounds on the expensive hardwood floors. I jammed my spiked heel into the costly wood and dragged the edge...