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Billionaire Bodyguard

Billionaire Bodyguard

Description : Billionaire Bodyguard
In a darkened room twenty feet beneath his office building, Logan Stone stood before an elite panel of observers. Anticipation coursed through him. The time hade to unveil his masterpiece.

“For security reasons, I ask you to remain behind the crimson ropes,” Logan instructed.

Intrigue shone on the faces of the guests crowding the edges of the display room. Their breathless pause shot electricity through his veins.

“Allison, if you will.” Logan gestured to the woman who’d been the object of his fascination for almost two years. As a contractor for the military and other high-level government operations, Allison Dupree was the whole package, brains and beauty, with the connections he needed to obtain a coveted military contract. They’d worked in the same circles and run into each other at conventions for a while, so he knew she was the woman for the job—though, he was interested in more than her training and demonstration abilities.

So he’d made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. And she’d accepted. She’d learned the technical aspects of his system quickly, proving herself invaluable over the past six weeks. Preorders and projected sales had topped his goal, edging toward the billion-dollar mark. The prestige he strove for, obtaining a top-intel government contract, was finally in his sights.

“My pleasure, Mr. Stone.” Allison’s lips curved with her signature smile. An alluringbination of buttoned-up formality and subtle sexuality that made his mouth go dry. She took...