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Billionaire Doctor, Ordinary Nurse

Billionaire Doctor, Ordinary Nurse

Description : Billionaire Doctor, Ordinary Nurse
‘THIS is a nightmare!’ Sucking in her breath, Annie closed her eyes as Melanie tugged at the back of her dress. ‘But you get to wake up from nightmares.’

‘It will be fine.’ Melanie’s voice was determinedly calm but it didn’t fool Annie for a moment—especially when she dared to open her eyes again and stared at her reflection in the mirror. ‘It will be fine…’ Melanie said again, only with a dash less conviction—and with good reason: the fabulous mocha silk bridesmaid’s gown that should slide over her stomach, creating a svelte sophisticated look, instead had a rather unfortunate ruching effect and Annie’s usually rather insignificant bust was spilling out over the top of the empress line bodice.

‘I look awful,’ Annie wailed into the mirror. Her hair was everywhere, dark curls so wild they could have headed off on safari, blue eyes puffy from crying at the disaster of a dress that looked like it was going to burst open at the seams at any minute.

‘You’ll look great,’ Melanie soothed her. ‘Once your hair is done and everything and you’re in high heels…you just need to loose a little bit of weight.’

‘By Saturday!’

‘Perhaps you could try a corset,’ Melanie suggested. ‘What was it like at the fitting last week?’

‘Just a teeny bit tight—she was going to let it out a fraction over the bust and waist, but Jackie said there was no need, that if I hit the gym...