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Billionaire's Revenge

Billionaire's Revenge

Description : Billionaire's Revenge
Sara Balfour stood in the large elegant ballroom, feeling ufortable and awkward as her eyes scanned the room; her teeth savaged the softness of her bottom lip as she waited. Time and again she had been approached by men, their suave smiles barely hiding the lecherous looks in their eyes as they tried to engage her in conversation, each and every one having to give up as she brushed off their well-practiced pick-up lines. Flicking a look at her watch, her stomach clenched into a tight knot of nerves and tension as she waited - waited to see the one person who held so much power over her family’s future.

Movement on stage finally heralded the main event of the night: the keynote speech of the CEO and main shareholder of the Garelli Corporation, the man she hade to see that night. Sara had researched the head of the Garelli Empire, an older stately man, his online pictures portraying a handsome distinguished man in his sixties, her eyes that evening scanning the area continuously for him in the hope of being able to talk with him prior to his speech.

The emcee moving forward had once more brought her attention to the stage as he began his introduction, giving a brief history of the CEO and his many aplishments. Sara was not really listening as she flicked her look around the side of the stage, a small frown knitted onto her smooth forehead. Stepping back she took a deep steadying breath, not concentrating on those around her as she collided into the...