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Description : Blackmailed
Brianna Wyatt stared at the arrogant, red-faced man sitting across from her and snorted. She should have known better than to get into the limo with him. Her father, only in the sense he’d provided the sperm that had created her, was demented. She let her eyes fall to a speck on the red-carpeted floor.

He’d cast her aside for all her twenty-six years, and now he suddenly needed her?

“I will have a grandson, Brianna, my heir, and since you’re the only legitimate vessel I have, you’ll be the one to give him to me!”

Where did her father get these ideas anyway? Did he suppose she was going to be the next Virgin Mary? She glanced up and sobered at the serious look on his face.

Straightening in her seat, she stiffened her spine and her resolve, vowing not to let him get away with shunning the two children he already had.

“You have a son, remember? He is your heir.” Her teeth hurt from gritting them. Andrew Wyatt was more than aware of the son he had, but chose to ignore. She hated him for that. In his eyes, females were worthless except for bearing their husbands males to further the family line and take over the business. Non-perfect males were to be kept in secret, banished as if they didn’t exist.

That’s exactly the way he’d treated her and her brother. Even more so when their mother abandoned them. Brianna had been just ten years old at the time, her brother, six months.

Her father threw a hand in the...