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Blitzing Emily

Blitzing Emily

Description : Blitzing Emily
WRITING A BOOK might seem like a solitary activity. It’s actually anything but. I have lots and lots of thank yous, so let’s get started.

Thank you to my wonderful agent, Sarah E. Younger of Nancy Yost Literary Agency, who went above and beyond to make sure my dream of being a published novelist became a reality. I could never thank her enough.

Amanda Bergeron is my equally terrific editor at Avon Impulse. I am so lucky she chose me. She makes my work sparkle. Plus, she doesn’t laugh at my (many and egregious) grammatical errors. Thank you so much!

This book started as the result of a “writing exercise” at Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ former message board. She wrote the first contemporary romance I ever read. I’m thrilled to be following in her footsteps. Thank you, SEP.

Thank you to Kristan Higgins for beta reading and early edits of this manuscript. She offered great help and advice.

My husband Eric encourages me, reads manuscript pages, listens and helps with plotting issues, and supports our family so I can follow my dream. Thank you, honey. I love you.

Thanks to the brilliant Susan Mallery, who cares enough to tell me the truth. I could never repay you for everything you have done for me.

Thank you to my fantastic critique group, the Cupcake Crew, who also cares enough to be honest. Amy Raby and Jessi Gage, you want my best work, and I am grateful for that....

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