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Bond of Hatred

Bond of Hatred

Description : Bond of Hatred
Sarah stood still as a statue at the glass viewing window. Her wide emerald eyes were burning. Every muscle in her body was rigid with tension. Every muscle ached. Only the most fierce self-discipline held back her exhaustion. It had been a long night and a devastating dawn. And every minute, every agonising hour of it was etched into her soul. The nurse wheeled over her nephew's cot and displayed him with a wide smile.

She probably didn't know, Sarah thought numbly. She looked back at the nurse, her fine-boned face ashen and strained, her facial muscles frozen into a mask. The nurse stopped smiling but Sarah didn't notice. Her attention had locked into her nephew. He had a shock of black hair and a pair of furious dark eyes.

There was nothing of Callie in him. He was Mediterranean-dark, his foreign ancestry clearly ap­parent. He was screaming. He looked so unhappy. She wondered if on some strange wavelength he knew that his mother was dead. Dead. She flinched inwardly away from the word and began to walk up the corridor on legs that didn't feel strong enough to support her.

Women didn't die in childbirth these days. Or so she had believed. And Callie hadn't even been a woman in her sister's opinion. At eighteen, Callie had been on the shady boundary line between child and adult. A golden girl with beauty, intelligence and everything to live for.. .until Damon Terzakis hade into her life and laid it to waste. An immense bitterness gripped Sarah. The emotion was so intense, it literally frightened her.

'MissHartwell...'The sound of that voice...