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Bound to Billionaires

Bound to Billionaires

Description : Bound to Billionaires
Sitting on the sofa, Megan Lunceford looked at the man being handcuffed by the FBI agents.

“Mrs. Lunceford, when did you first meet your husband?” The agent’s voice seemed far away and faint.

She was still getting used to being called “Mrs. Lunceford.” Kip had said he was thrilled when she agreed to take his name instead of keeping her maiden name. In truth, “Lunceford” was a slight improvement, if only slight, for her. She’d been so happy to say good-bye to “Ramsbottom,” which had been used against her by cruel classmates from elementary all the way up to high school. Right now, she would’ve loved to have it back.

“I met Kip thirty days ago,” she answered, hearing the flatness in her tone. “April first to be exact.”

The day of fools.

Appropriate. Really appropriate.

Kip’s eyes were wide, but he wore the same twisted grin on his face as the one on the day she’d married him.

“You were married in Vegas this past Saturday, correct?”

She nodded. Her entire body felt like lead. The agents hade into her home, the house her mother had left her. She needed her mother right now. Her mom would know what to do.

“How old are you, Mrs. Lunceford?”

“I turned twenty on February fourth, three months ago.” It had to have been the worst birthday in the history of mankind.