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Bouquet Toss

Bouquet Toss

Description : Bouquet Toss
It has been three and a half years and the thought of him still makes me cry. Three and a half years and I still replay the scenes in my head; our first kiss, our first date and eventually our break up. I can’t banish the days before he left me from my head; the days when I knew what wasing.

I will never forget the crying, the confusion, and my emails that were never answered. Our brief online chat while he was studying in France is still so fresh in my mind. Seeing him at our favorite bar just two days before graduation....and what happened after is something that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Is it possible that all of these things happened for a reason?

There must be a reason why I lie in bed at night and think about his voice, his smile, his beautiful laugh. It’s been three and a half years and the simple thought of him evokes just as much emotion as it did when we were together. I wonder if I will ever see him again. I read books and see movies about lost loves who were simply too young when they met. They magically reunite later in their lives and live happily ever after. But, not us.

I try to imagine how he would contact me if he chose to do it. And then, reality sets in. He’s noting. He’s not calling. And, he’s not going to drive fifteen hours from South Carolina on the chance that I may be home on some random Saturday afternoon. Even if he wanted to, he doesn’t have the courage to take a risk so big. That’s not him. And, I have to deal with that. I just wish the memories would fade. I wish the songs wouldn’t bring tears. And, I wish that his name would stop making my heart tremble. I want to forget. I need to forget. I deserve to forget. I have to forget.

Chapter 1


“Attention, all you single ladies…please make your way...