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Bride By Design: Manchala Nights

Bride By Design: Manchala Nights

Description : Bride By Design: Manchala Nights
It was late afternoon by the time we reached the Grand House, a seven-bedroom villa sitting atop the central hill in Manchala.

When I looked away from the house, the hill sloped downwards and I could see the untouched beaches and angry waves of Manchala. It was a thrill to be here - a place very few men or women had ever set foot on.

The Grand House, Don told us, was the first and only thing he'd built on the island, a retreat for him and his extended family. He hoped to maybe live in the House one day, after he retired. It was sprawling and majestic, and there seemed to be nobody else inside.

When Imented on the quietness, Don said, "Everyone's having a siesta. It's our tradition here, after lunch - and we hope you two'll get some rest after your terrible flight in." He winked at me, and I tried to smile and forget the horrible kite-like plane. "We'll have a barbeque dinner in a few hours' time, and you'll meet the rest of the guests then."

A uniformed servant appeared out of nowhere and led us to our room. After he left, I closed the door and leaned back against it. I felt overwhelmed by it all and wanted to laugh maniacally, or sink to the floor in amazement. Manchala was gorgeous with its pristine beaches, dark green forests and the lush tropical quietness. The Grand House was understated and weing and I wondered at the strange twist of fate that allowed me to have a glimpse at this secret luxury - a place most people would never even know about, let alone visit.


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