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Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

Description : Broken Dreams

High School: Sophomore Year

“He is so dreamy. God, Court, I can’t believe he asked you!”

I rolled my eyes as my best friend, Whitley, jumped up and down with excitement. I knew I should have waited until later and told her on the phone.

“Jesus, Squeak, keep it down. I don’t want the whole world knowing,” I said in a hushed voice as I pulled her into the girls’ restroom.

“Lollipop, Noah Wylie just asked you to the prom. The prom! Your brother’s best friend, who you have lusted over for the last…how many years? The prom!” she yelled out as she began jumping up and down again.

I couldn’t help but giggle. It was true. I’d been lusting after him ever since I could remember. I loved that dark hair of his and those deep green eyes that felt like they pierced my soul. He’d finally noticed me, and my brother was going to freak when he found out, which made this all the sweeter.

“Court, what did you say?” Whitley asked as she clapped her hands.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I told him I’d think about it.”

“What?” Whit yelled out.

I lost it, laughing, from the expression on her face. “I’m totally kidding, Squeak. I said yes, but I told him if he thought he was going to be getting a piece of ass, he had another thinging.”

Whitley’s mouth dropped open, and she leaned against the sink, shaking her head. “Court, he would never expect you to sleep with him. I mean, my God, he’s your brother’s best friend, and Tyler would kill him.”

I shrugged my shoulders again. “I hope so. When I said it, I was kidding, but he got a funny look in his eyes. It did something weird to my stomach, like…I think I got turned-on by it.”