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Description : Caged
When you tell your billionaire you belong to him,

He will fuck more than your body.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

Those were not the first words I wanted to hear from the man I had just realized I was in love with. I expected him to be surprised that I hade after him, but he wasn’t. If anything, he appeared furious, coldly and oddly so. It made me shift nervously on my feet, and my heels screeched against the floor as I did. The sound echoed around the conservatory, bouncing against the wooden domed ceiling.

A thick air of silent tension swirled around us, the heavy doors behind me succeeding in filtering most of the party music being played outside. The conservatory was as vast as the other exhibits of the museum, which his parents had rented out for their fundraiser.

The theme was black and white, and according to the message on my two-thousand-dollar ticket, it was supposed to emphasize how prostitutes should not be seen that way.

Even the conservatory had been redesigned to match the theme, with its original lighting switched off and replaced by black-and-white waist-high pillars illuminated from within and lining the pathways that weaved through the cultured rainforest behind the stone fountain. All in all, I felt like I had stepped into a giant-sized tree house filled with shadows and white light.

A carpet of Bermuda grass separated Constantijin and me, but it looked more like...