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Captured and Bred by the Billionaire

Captured and Bred by the Billionaire

Description : Captured and Bred by the Billionaire
Leah sat in the passenger’s seat of her date’s car, nervously fidgeting with the hem of her dress. His hands gripped the steering wheel loosely and she noticed how smooth they were for a carpenter. They had exhausted all subjects for small talk over dinner and now sat in an awkward silence. She was psyching herself up to ask him toe inside for coffee, but didn’t want toe off too desperate. It was their fourth date and it had been ages since she’d had sex, but the last thing she wanted was to screw this up.

Her mind drifted back to the first day she’d met Adam. She didn’t believe in love at first sight, and of course she wasn’t in love with him, but she’d never felt that level of attraction before. It was like a lightning bolt. They were at a bar, a place that Leah never liked to look for men, but it was yet another friend’s bachelorette party, so she was obligated to go. She noticed him immediately as he walked in the door, alone, standing taller than any man she’d ever seen. Their eyes locked right away and Leah felt like she was going to fall out of her heels. As the night went on, they exchanged glances from across the room and she did her best to look confident, but she could feel her cheeks blushing every time he looked at her. Eventually he came over to ask for her number and called her the next week.

There was obvious sexual chemistry between them, but something was a little off. He seemed almost distant and asked her a lot of questions but offered little information about himself. He didn’t seem to be as nearly enthralled...