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Description : Cautious
As I entered the room, my blood was still pumping with adrenaline from what just happened. I blinked a few times as the cloud of smoke from the gunfire filled the room. My eyes searched for the one person I feared for the most. It was a rampage and guns continued to fire. I quickly ran around searching but could not find that familiar face.

My heart picked up its pace as I hovered over lifeless bodies and held a tight grip on the gun in my hand, ready for anyone who got in the way. As I continued my search, I finally spotted Jimmie. He was kneeling on the ground, hovering over someone. My throat closed, and my entire body stilled as I saw the person before him. For a mere second, I grew faint but managed to force my trembling legs toward them.

Jimmie quickly turned and aimed his gun at my approach. His mouth dropped opened in relief at the sight of me. Tears swelled in his bloodshot eyes, and breathing heavily, he stared at me, ready to break. “I’m so sorry. I tried, but I . . . Fuck! I fuckin’ tried . . .” Immediately, he turned his attention back to the person before him. “Come on, don’t do this to me.” With bloody hands, he pressed against the wound as he grunted. My body shuddered, terrified as I leaned over his shoulder to have a closer look.

My heart was ripped out of my chest as I gasped. My mind was screaming and yelling, but I stood mute. I collapsed beside Jimmie, and the gun I held dropped onto the cement floor, making a distant clinking noise. Forcing Jimmie aside, I looked down and witnessed the one person that I loved more than anything in the world covered in blood. I couldn’t breathe as my beloved was gasping for a last breath. I watched as the face of my truelove turned slightly blue while continuing to gulp for air, and then the eyes locked with mine before the...