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Chasing Beautiful

Chasing Beautiful

Description : Chasing Beautiful
I felt someone’s presence before I opened my eyes. Slightly opening my lids, and cursed inwardly from the brightness of the sunshine that was hurting my eyes.

Great, I forgot about closing the blinds again last night.

Willing my sleepy eyes to open a little wider this time, I was stunned to find Blake sitting on my couch, right across me, wearing a dark scowl on his face.

Why, oh why! Did I even give him a spare key, again? Ah, yes! So, that he can have a place to go to if he was feeling out of sorts.

Genius idea that was.

Rubbing my eyes and yawned loudly. I glanced at his quiet form, still wearing a brooding scowl on his face and still not speaking.


“Good morning to you too,” my voice sleepy and draped with sarcasm.

What’s with the attitude? I thought.

“What the bloody hell were you thinking, Sienna?!” his voice grating and condescending, his beautiful expressive eyes—midnight blue rimmed with grey and flecks of gold in the middle—flashing suppressed anger, stormy and formidable.

“Excuse me? What in the world are you yapping about, Blake?” was he drunk, high or something? He didn’t look it.

“Care to enlighten me?” exasperated and annoyed.

I felt like someone ran me over, I probably looked it too.

I’d give anything for coffee right now, I groaned.

What kind of mess am I in? I don’t recall stepping on anyone’s toes before leaving to go home, I think.

I just landed yesterday, jet-lagged, and a little drained from my conversation with Luce before she left for Turkey with Toby. And now, this.

He barges in here like he owns the place, demanding and with a taxing demeanor.

Wait, how did he know I arrived already? Uh, Lucy Connelly probably...

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