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Come Away With Me

Come Away With Me

Description : Come Away With Me
If you want a dose of reality,e home a day early.

Gio Andrade walked through his secretary’s empty office and into his, shaking his head with disgust as he went. He double-checked the time on his watch. Barely seven o’clock. She should still be here. Someone should be here. Rather than call her, he sank into the antique leather chair placed behind the custom Carpathian elm desk that had sat in this office for generations.

Perhaps it was thebination of three weeks of travel and spending so much time in hotel rooms, but he was tired. Bone tired and in a foul mood. He’d gone on site in northern Canada to make sure the project met its deadlines, and it did—something that normally would have energized him. Instead, he felt distracted.

He didn’t consider himself an emotional man. Ever since he’d taken over the family’spany, his success hade from his ability to remain detached. Cogent Energy Solutions had been born in the oil wells of Texas, but Gio had taken it in a much different direction. He was an investor, not a developer. He found potential energy sources—like the Utica Shale veins recently discovered in North America—that others considered economically unfeasible to reap, financed the breakthrough technologies that would make harvesting them possible, contracted withpanies who needed those sources, made a huge fortune, and then got out before the environmentalists even knew his name.




Until this past trip.

What is wrong with me?

His cell phone vibrated in his breast pocket. He checked the caller ID and groaned. It was his cousin Madison Andrade. Again. Her calls were bing more frequent. He’d answered the first couple. Forwarded the next few to his secretary, Rena. Now he let her calls ring through...

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