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Dangerous Desires

Dangerous Desires

Description : Dangerous Desires
Rochford Manor, 1810

Arlie sat in an ufortable settee shivering from both fear and cold. It had been a long ride from her home in Wales to this manor, and now as she sat awaiting her introduction to her guardian, she wished to be anywhere else.

Just days ago she’d been living in her small cottage by the Irish Sea. A home she had shared with her father, until his death. Now her father was gone, her house was gone, and her fate lay in a stranger’s hands—Dominic Santrell, the Earl of Rochford. Though she knew little of the man, what she’d heard from others was not exactly flattering. Apparently, he was a womanizer of the worse sorts. A rakehell so sinfully handsome, women had fainted at his feet.

Arlie rolled her eyes. How utterly dramatic the stories were. His appeal most likely came from his title and vast wealth made obvious by the grandeur of his home. From the moment she’d caught sight of the three-story manor with its numerous archways and columns, she’d been intimidated. And that was before she’d stepped within the threshold of the manor to find extravagance far beyond her expectations. The spotless marble floor of the landing came up against an enormous staircase. The steps led to different wings, one of which would contain her new room.

Her gaze strayed to the walls where gold-framed portraits of Rochford ancestors hung on display. The stern faces that stared back at her made her seriously doubt the earl was as handsome as rumored.