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Dark Kiss

Dark Kiss

Description : Dark Kiss
This is going to hurt like hell.

The grim thought was confirmed by the look on the gatekeeper’s face, but Bishop didn’t want anyone’s pity. After all, he’d volunteered for this.

“Are you ready?” the gatekeeper asked.

“Yes, I’m ready.”

“And you know your mission.”

“Of course.”

Bishop glanced over his shoulder at the expanse of bright white behind him. This was as far as he could go before leaving Heaven entirely. He’d left before, many times, but this was different. He pushed aside a sliver of fear. He would return soon—this was not the end for him. It was only the beginning.

The gatekeeper studied Bishop as if looking for any sign of weakness. “You’ve been warned that there will be pain?”

“I have.”

“And disorientation?”


Traveling to the human world was not normally a huge ordeal. However, there was nothing normal about this mission. An invisible barrier shielded his destination, preventing any supernatural being from entering or leaving the city through normal means. Bishop had been told this gatekeeper had the ability to help him breach the barrier—but it wasn’t going to be pleasant. The minds of the others would be protected to prevent any harm, but not his. He was the only one who would remember what needed to be done.

Bishop was positive he was more than strong enough to handle whatever was toe. All the better to prove his worth.

This was going to be very good.

“First you must find the others,” instructed the gatekeeper. “If you don’t find them within seven days, they’ll be lost forever.”

“I know this already.” He didn’t...