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Description : Darkness
Katrina Perkins barely contained the anger that simmered inside. Robert Mason, her boss, always made her wish she could just draw her sidearm and shoot the bastard. It wasn’t a matter of if she wanted to put a bullet in him, it all boiled down to what body part she’d aim for first. It was a tough decision at times between his nuts or his big mouth. She fisted her hands behind her back to resist the urge to target both.

“I’m going to prove these New Species bastards are criminal. They use their sovereign status to get away with shit. No more!”

Katrina watched her boss pace. She wanted to stick her foot out and trip him every time he passed. He often ranted about his paranoid and idiotic theories that New Species were really public enemy number one. She was tired of hearing it. He’d been on a real tear for days after she’d overheard him ordering other agents to track the movements of a man named Jeremiah Boris, otherwise known as Jerry Boris. The person seemed to have disappeared and her boss believed the NSO was involved. It felt personal to Kat, though, as if her boss knew the guy or had a special interest.

“I’ll keep digging until I can prove they played a part in the disappearance of Jerry if it’s the last thing I do.” He shot her an angry look. “He works for them.”

She took a deep breath. “At Homeland or Reservation?”

“Fuller Prison.”

That surprised her. “I’ve never heard of the place. How is the NSO connected to a prison?”

“It’s classified.” He lowered his voice. “Unofficially, it’s where they incarcerate anyone who used to work for Mercile Industries.”

Her respect for her boss lowered even more. She’d be fired and he’d...