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Dear Greek Billionaire

Dear Greek Billionaire

Description : Dear Greek Billionaire
Athens, Greece

11 Years Ago

Sixteen may be a sweet age for girls, but for guys? Especially guys like him that had no choice over being the subject of custody fights and legal battles over inheritances? Sixteen was a shitty age because it meant he was too young to make decisions for himself…but too old to find bliss in ignorance.

Fuck sixteen, Stavros thought. He wasn’t the type to swear, but right now, he had to. He wasn’t the type to lose his temper either, but he was close to doing so now.

He was tired of being locked in a hotel, prevented from seeing his parents and not being told why.

He just wanted to go back home.

“I hope you don’t take this against your grandfather,” the solicitor, Mr. Doukas, said quietly. “His only wish was for you not to be taken advantage of.”

Stavros nodded. His grief over his grandfather’s unexpected demise was still raw, and only his love and respect for the old man kept him from beingpletely bitter.

Christophe had loved him dearly. If his grandfather thought it was essential for Stavros to be kept away from his parents from the moment of his passing, Stavros was certain there was a reason for it.

Mr. Doukas hesitated, wondering what else he could say or do to prepare the teenage boy for what he was about to see. Despite Stavros’manding height and built, he was, in the end, an innocent child. A well-mannered, studious, andpassionate one even, which was a miracle,...