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Defended & Desired

Defended & Desired

Description : Defended & Desired
Trey Soren believed nothing could ruin his day.

With his finance team’s Congratulations! still ringing in his ears, he strode across the main floor’s pale Travertine tile. His confident footfalls echoed in the expanse.

Today, especially, it pleased him to take in the six-story view from the center of his headquarters. This building housed a future filled with opportunity, and was well worth the investment, sweat equity, and patience. Rich redwood contrasted with chrome. Features like frosted glass and white leather offered a tranquil environment for guests entering the lobby. Trey had the contractors install two-story vertical fountains on opposite ends of the room. A series of drop-lights hung at varying heights from the skylight ceiling, creating an asymmetrical chandelier.

Modern luxury with sleek lines boasting calm strength—impressions Trey expected hispany, Soren Security Bodyguards, to give to its high-end clientele.

Amotion in the lobby caught his attention. He spied two camera crews mounting the steps. The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Literally saved by the bell, he ducked inside out of habit, though he didn’t have to. The elevator’s tall dimensions amodated his Nordic ancestry, a benefit of having helped design the building.

He wanted to make his exit before a reporter cornered him. Not that he had any problem with public speaking or putting on the dog-and-pony show. It just didn’t make his Top Ten list. Besides, his brother, Cade, had not only be the face of Soren Security, but with his electric-blue eyes, dusty blonde hair and easy smile, the cameras, not to mention the women, loved him.

“Mr. Soren, wait,” a familiar voice called.

Trey’s hand shot out to stop the elevator doors from closing. Mindy’s straight blonde ponytail...

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