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Description : Delight
All I wanted was to enjoy the day, but for some reason ‘little Miss. Know-it-All’ is driving me crazy. Let me rephrase that. She’s driving me crazier than usual, and I damn well blame Michael. It was, of course, Lily’s idea for the waitresses to wear pink uniforms and the waiters, pale blue shirt with black pants, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to blame my gorgeous sister-in-law. I blame my brother, a much easier target. But my frustration wasn’tpletely because of him. It was because of a sexy little waitress, Rosie, who looks hot as fucking hell in pink with her dark hair and curvy body.

In fact, she’s been driving me crazy since Simon, my club manager at Kenza, hired her about nine months ago. Just before Michael and Lily’s wedding.

Her looks are amazing but that wasn’t what drew me to her originally. It was her sassy mouth and the fact that she doesn’t give a damn who she uses it on, which has gotten her into trouble a few times at Kenza. Keith, head of security, has had to intervene several times.

And now, not five minutes ago from me asking her to help Jayne refill the empty platters, she’s disappearing towards the barn.

Fuck a brick!

Turning to go after her, I collide with Lily’s friend, Sabrina. “Sorry babe. Are you okay?” I reach out to steady her.

“I’m fine.” She laughs. “I’m sorry too. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“I don’t mind. It’s not every day I get a beautiful woman falling into my arms.” I wink at her.

And she is beautiful, which my brother Lucien has noticed. I hope he sees us right now, and gets jealous because he needs a good kick up the ass or something to go after her. He’s been looking at her often...