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Dreams I

Dreams I

Description : Dreams I

He’d had enough of the mating dance. He wanted her, and he was almost certain she wanted him. They weren’t kids.

They were mature adults. There was no need for games. He swore to himself that if she put him off again tonight, he would walk out the door. And this time he wasn’t going to go back.

Even if she did make the best stir-fried vegetables in the entire state of Oregon.


He was kidding himself and he knew it. He’d see her again tomorrow, if she politely showed him the door tonight.

He’d make another date, and another one after that, until he finally got through her bedroom door.

Something about Diana Prentice fascinated him.

No, it was more than fascination. Diana Prentice was beginning to be an obsession with him, almost as much of an obsession as his writing.

He conjured up an image of her and felt the instant response of his body. At forty he shouldn’t be having this kind of problem, he told himself as he shifted his position a bit to ease the sudden tightness in his jeans.

Then again, it was vaguely reassuring to know he could still suffer like this.

But why Diana Prentice?

It wasn’t as if she were some young, tall, bosomy, centerfold honey pot. Diana was thirty-four, a little on the short side and built along ratherpact lines.

Firm, straight nose. Assertive chin. High cheek bones. She had a smile that held a warmth of feminine secrets and a hint of mischief.

The only really spectacular thing about her was the color of her eyes. Colby was deeply intrigued by those eyes.

He’d spent a lot of time trying to determine...