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Easy to Love You

Easy to Love You

Description : Easy to Love You
I was pulling up to the doctor’s office a few minutes late because it was f**king pouring out. People were hydroplaning everywhere and the roads were pretty terrifying. I’d expected to see CC’s Mazda in the parking lot; she was early for everything, but the fact it was missing actually made me smile. I didn’t want her rushing to be on time and getting in to an accident.

I sent Mason a text to see if he’d seen or heard from Dominic recently. That stupid ass**le had cheated on CC with Brittany and now he couldn’t ditch her to save his life. Mason told me he’d run into her one night at a bar and she was practically throwing herself at Dominic. It was pitiful.

Apparently, Mason was sitting at the bar waiting on Hailey, when Dominic sauntered over and sat down next to him with Brittany on the other side. Mason couldn’t stand the sleaze after what he’d done to his sister. He said he was trying to ignore them by watching the Phillies on the big ass flat screen, when the mention of Kenzie’s name sparked his interest.

“I don’t know why you don’t just tell him that Kenzie’s baby is yours. The sooner you admit it to yourself, and her, the better.” Brittany was saying to Dominic. This is when Mason started listening, still not outwardly acknowledging them.

“How many god damn times do I have to tell you? That baby is not mine! You do this shit every f**king time you start drinking.” Dominic yelled back at her.

“I know it is Dom, I saw how you used to look at her.” Brittany told him.

“It doesn’t matter how I looked at her, I f**ked all that up by f**king you. Not one of my best moments, that’s for damn sure. Now either sit there and shut the f**k up, or leave. Better yet, go back to Virginia.”...

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