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Embracing My Submission

Embracing My Submission

Description : Embracing My Submission
“Good evening Master George.” I smiled ufortably as the Dom gazed into my eyes. Quickly turning my attention to Dahlia, his submissive, I relaxed. I didn’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing or breaching protocol with a fellow submissive. Okay so maybe I’m a bit of a coward, but self-preservation is the key. Besides, the last thing I wanted was a Dominant reprimanding me for an unintentional breech of etiquette.

“Oh, Dahlia, I love your corset. Is it new?” I cringed inside as she remained silent and lowered her eyes. Oh, hell! I’d failed to ask Master George’s permission to speak to his sub, thus breaching protocol. Open mouth, insert foot...again. Priceless.

“My apologies Master George.” I swallowed tightly. “May I please have permission to speak to Dahlia, Sir?” My cheeks burned in embarrassment.

Daddy Drake, my protector and mentor, a muscle-bound, Leather-Daddy Dominant standing next to me, chidingly cleared his throat. I could feel his eyes boring into the side of my head like a frickin’ laser beam while palpable displeasure rolled off his massive, tattooed body in waves.

A slight smirk curled on Master George’s lips as I cringed and lowered my eyes. Staring down at the marred wooden podium inside the lobby of Genesis, a private BDSM club where I donated my time processing the patrons for a night of wicked pleasures, I hoped Drake wouldn’t chastise me right then and there. I’d die a thousand deaths of...

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