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Description : Enforcer
“What the heck, Tommie? I got places to go, man,” Rey said, fingers agitatedly drumming on the steering wheel.

Tommie Perkins flipped his friend the bird. “Dude, hold your horses. It’s not like you got a woman or anything.” He snorted in amusement at himself. “I have to check something out for Cade. Something big is going on, Reyes. It’s got the hierarchy all shaken up and Lex is more nervous and paranoid than usual.”

Rey snorted but kept driving. If his Alpha had business that needed tending to, he couldn’t just blow it off. Even he had a sense of duty.

Tommie looked down at the scribbled address on the paper in his hand and back at the street signs. “Make a right into that parking lot. I’m going to be across the street. It shouldn’t take me more than ten or fifteen minutes.”

Gabriel Reyes pulled the dark sedan into the lot and parked it. He sat in the car, smoking a cigarette, and waited while Tommie ran inside to do his business. After a while he got bored listening to the radio and he made a few calls, but no one was around.

Checking his watch, he narrowed his eyes when he saw that twenty minutes had passed and still Tommie hadn’t returned. It would serve the jerk-off right if he just left him. Rey got out of the car, sucked in a deep breath of the night air and heaved an annoyed sigh when he saw Tommie talking with some men he couldn’t quite see in the doorway of one of the buildings.

He resolved to make the other man buy him a beer as he watched Tommie running toward him. As he got a few feet from the car, a shot rang out and Tommie looked up at him as he clutched his side with surprised agony.

Rey saw his lips form “run” just before another shot rang out and hit his friend in the head. “Jesus!”...