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Description : Entangled

Four Years Earlier….

I frowned up at the warehouse, wondering if I should get out of the taxi or tell the driver to take me back to the airport. The problem was that I had asked for this, had pleaded actually. I was seventeen years old, nearly eighteen, and I barely knew the man who was my father. As for my sister? She was a vague memory I had from when we were both kids, playing tea party with our dolls. I wanted to get to know those two—well, at least my dad—and the only way to do that was toe to them.

Here. In Vegas. At an MCpound where my dad lived with the rest of his charter. Duke Blackstone was The Red Dragons’ MC President and ate, slept, breathed nothing but his club. My sister, Tasha, had run away to live with our father when she was sixteen and I hadn’t seen her since. That had been four years ago.

The driver cleared his throat but I ignored him for the moment. I wasn’t sure if I was ready. The motorcycles parked in the parking lot in front of the warehouse that served as The Red Dragons’pound both terrified me and made something stir inside of me that I wasn’t used to. My mother’s warning that the thrill of the MC could be addictive echoed in my mind and I swallowed around the nervous lump in my throat. There wasn’t anything more terrifying to me than addiction. Of any kind.

A door to thepound opened and out walked a big, burly-looking man. My heart twisted because I would have recognized him anywhere, even if I hadn’t seen him in more than a year. Duke stopped when he saw the taxi sitting at the back of the parking lot, his eyes narrowing and I gathered my courage before opening the door.

As soon as he saw me he let out a yell and started toward the taxi. “Willa girl!”

I grinned as he drew closer. I...