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Description : Entice

Letting the whiskey slowly work its magic, I watch the woman dancing with someone else as the burn numbs me from the inside out. The woman who is never far from my thoughts, her body being enveloped by the man making me wish the whiskey worked faster. That someone should be me. That someone would have been me, but things changed six years ago.

That was years before she had stepped off a plane from London, came home, and started spending her time with Lily. At first, I thought my preoccupation with her was because of my lack of femalepany since the fire—after all, it had been years since I’d been with a woman. But it wasn’t that—my hang up with her is getting beyond a joke. Gritting my teeth, I nod for the glass to be filled. I don’t want or need a woman in my life. I can’t have a woman in my life—least of all her.

It isn’t that I don’t have material things to offer because I do. It’s the physical aspects of a relationship that I haven’t been able to offer anyone in years. Or at least I thought I couldn’t offer the physical aspect…until Sabrina showed up, and now my libido has woken up but only when Sabrina is around.

My body hums and it isn’t because of the whiskey, its because of her and the way her hips move as the guy holds her tight against him—it’s driving me crazy. Knocking back my fourth drink, I tear my eyes from her for a moment to scan the room. This wouldn’t be so hard if Sebastian and Carla showed up with Ruben and Rosie, at least then I’d have some distraction. Some conversation to still the thoughts running through my head.

Where are they? I’m starting to think that perhaps getting Sabrina and myself here on our own was the plan all along. I wouldn’t put it past the women to...