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Expecting the Playboy's Baby

Expecting the Playboy's Baby

Description : Expecting the Playboy's Baby
Jennifer Dixon stood in the library staring at the array of books. The room was old-fashionedpared to the rest of the house. She’d seen all of the modern conveniences in place whereas this room was like stepping back in time. Running her fingers over the books she stared at each title, amazed by some of the first editions.

Patrick Thompson was proving to be an enigma. He was a notorious playboy who slept with a different woman every night. At least the press liked to report he had a new woman every night. She’d never met him, and the only reason she was at his house was because her parents were looking to make a deal with his. His father had arranged for the party.

She stared down at her long black evening gown wishing she hadn’t been forced toe. Linda, her best friend, had been unable to attend because of priormitments. Jennifer wished she’d had another excuse rather than eating a tub of ice-cream. Most of the people glared down their noses at her. She might be part of their world because of her last name, but she felt as cut off from them as any other person.

While everyone was mingling around the house, she’d wandered off trying to find some peace and quiet.

“What are you doing in here?”

Turning towards the voice, she stared at Patrick across the room. He’d closed the door to the library and...