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Expecting the Sheikh's Baby

Expecting the Sheikh's Baby

Description : Expecting the Sheikh's Baby
The man could be her father, but that was impossible. Her father was dead.

Karen Rawlins touched her trembling fingertips to the photograph of Paul Barone included in the Boston newspaper along with a story covering the Barone family's latest reunion. The article also reported the tale of the unsolved mystery from years ago surrounding the abduction of Paul's twin brother, Luke, serving as confirmation of what Karen had recently learned from the yellowed pages of her grandmother's diary—her loving grandparents had lived a lie for over half a century.

Karen sat in the only home she had known, deep in the heart of Montana , while too many unanswered questions haunted her as keenly as her memories. Had her father known about the journal Karen had found among her grandmother's belongings? Had he learned of the deception before his untimely death? Had he known that he had been born to a wealthy Massachusetts family only to be kidnapped by the woman he had always considered his mother, and that his name was not Timothy Rawlins but Luke Barone?

Karen tossed the newspaper aside knowing she would never have all the answers she craved. Everyone who could fill in the blanks was gone. Her grandparents had died only months apart two years before in peaceful slumber, and her parents had been killed in a devastating car crash a year ago.

Dealing with the overwhelming loss and this new insight into her family tree might have been easier if Karen hadn't ended her engagement to Carl. But that had been a blessing. She preferred to live her life alone as long as she could live...